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Kyle and Tara met in 2009 through a mutual friend and it was love at first sight.  At the time, Kyle was building custom homes in Topeka, KS and Tara was studying to become an event planner.  With Kyle's influence and inspiration, Tara took her event planning skills and used them to become an owner's rep for commercial construction while Kyle continued to build custom homes in Manhattan, KS.  After moving to Kansas City in 2015, they continued to work in the construction industry for other people/companies in order to learn their new city and become aquainted with the local subcontractors. 

The same year, a rural grain bin cabin that Kyle designed and built was featured in a book titled "Cabin Porn".  That feature led to a 14 episode TV show called "You Can't Turn That Into A House" where Kyle and two brothers designed and built small cabins throughout Texas, Missouri and Kansas.  Once production wrapped, Kyle and Tara decided it was time to risk it all and start their own business. 

While naming a business is difficult for anyone, it was especially difficult with a common last name, such as Davis.  They wanted to stand apart from other design and build companies yet stay true to Kansas City when developing their brand.  While sipping cocktails on their patio and toying with different words and phrases, the cicadas started singing and CICADA Co. was born. 

Not only do the sweet sound of cicadas remind Kyle and Tara of Kansas City but it reminds them of home and they're in the business of homes.

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Design + Build

Kyle Davis

Employed as a framer at the age of 18, Kyle has been active in the construction industry for over 14 years.  After graduating with a degree in architecture, Kyle designed and built custom homes in Topeka, KS before meeting wife, Tara.  In 2011, he was tasked with designing and building his future in-law's farm house on their newly purchased 110 acres outside of Manhattan, KS.  Since moving to Kansas City in 2015, Kyle worked as a Superintendent for Hufft and hosted a TV show called "You Can't Turn That Into A House" on FYI and A&E Networks.  Kyle is now a partner in CICADA Co. and responsible for architectural design and construction project management.



Bachelors of Architecture, 2009

Studio 804, 3716 springfield (leed Platinum)

Professional Experience

  • TV Host, Designer & Builder -"You Can't Turn That Into A House" - A&E Networks
  • Construction Superintendent - Hufft
  • Partner - Footprint Construction

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Design + Business management

Tara Davis

Right out of college, Tara spent 3 years at ICON Investments with responsibilities of business development, business management and owners representation on over $8,000,000 of office, retail and restaurant construction in Manhattan, KS.  Since moving to Kansas City in 2015, Tara worked for CBRE developing new administrative processes and revenue tracking tools and DVL+P as an owner's rep and director of development.  Tara is now partner of CICADA Co. and responsible for business management and interior design.



Hospitality Management, Business Administration, 2011

Professional Experience

  • Director of Development - DVL+P
  • Project Coordinator - CBRE
  • Business Development - ICON Investments